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Grocery Store Gigliola

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Gigliola has been working here for over 25 years, always carefully selecting high-qualitylocal food products.

The shop, in the town centre and recently renovated, welcomesyou with imagery typical of the region: in a barrel all local wines and a vast selection ofwhites and reds are presented and beneath the arch, which recalls the ground floor ofa farm house, are displayed the typical local products. The shop is also a tobacconist,stationer and national lottery office.


What we sellHigh-quality groceries, phonetop-ups, tobacco, stamps, lotterytickets, cleaning and house holdproducts.


Gigliola Parretti piazza Pertini, 10 53040 San Casciano dei Bagni (Siena) Palazzone Phone +39 0578 56148 parrettigigliola@alice.it