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The rustic pancake: the Ciaffagnone


The Ciaffagnone is a pancake which pays homage to the traditional cuisine and the typical flavours of our territory. It is a kind of rustic pancake prepared according to an ancient recipe by mixing flour, water, egg and a little salt. The ciaffagnone is in fact an ancient carnival tradition.

This dish was prepared in the streets of San Casciano on Shrove Tuesday on improvised braziers, using frying pans with long handles, and is accompanied by a glass of Chianti and the sound of the local band. Once it was cooked using exclusively pig lard.

Apart from being a nutritious meal, its success is enhanced by the choreography of its preparation: the bravura, in addition to the preparation and correct quantities of the ingredients, depends largely on the tossing of the pancake and catching it in flight so as to ensure that both sides are baked. Once it is golden and soft, it is best accompanied by local pecorino cheese or, in the modern version, seasoned with sugar or nutella.