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Extra virgin Olive Oil, or rather Green Gold

Olive Threes

Known as “Olive Oil Town” for its evident vocation for olive cultivation, San Casciano dei Bagni offers its guests a vast production of extra virgin olive oil with the trademark D. O.P. Terre di Siena. This is a product of great value which, unfortunately, still suffers from the unfavourable rapport between sacrifice and economic profit due to scarce education in the culture of olive oil. In fact, extra virgin olive oil is a healthy and genuine nutrient, is highly digestible, helps gastric and liver function, is rich in infinite properties and also good for the body and nutritious.

There are many local farms opening their doors during the olive pressing period in order to let their visitors taste a good bruschetta sprinkled with freshly pressed “new olive oil”.

The Mori agricultural company still keeps this tradition alive, proposing every year, for a small part of their production, the pressing with mill stones turned by a horse. An experience which really must not be missed!

The pungent taste you experience in the throat when you relish a good dish dressed with extra virgin olive oil represents that extra “ tingle” of well being: this is the result of a natural compound unknown until recently, an anti-inflammatory which makes this golden condiment all the more precious. It is called “oleocantale” and has the same effects as ibuprofen, a non-steroid pain killer widely used in medicine which in the long term can have anti-cancerogenous effects.