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PoderNuovo Winery

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This company originated in the desire of its owners to produce wines of high quality on land, which had always been dedicated to the production of Chianti DOCG.

After recent replanting, the vines extend over an area of 20 hectares on a slope where a winery will be built, at the entrance to the village of Palazzone.

So far there have been two harvests whose commercialization will start in 2012 with the presentation of the following labels: Chianti DOCG, IGT and a sparkling wine.


Chianti DOCG, IGT, Spumante


Claudio Monacelli 53040 San Casciano dei Bagni (Siena) Palazzone Podernuovo Phone + 39 06 68810486 info@podernuovoapalazzone.it www.podernuovoapalazzone.it